Live video & audio
consultation service for your business and website

The AI onboarded CRM with video consultation and streaming module at the front end and huge data analytics module at the back end.


Starting from 199 USD

Over 100k+ rates

Your customers can also call from their mobile devices. Fast and secure



Sales Forces

Administrative Portal

Expert Workspace

Streaming Platform

Online to Offline

Ladies consulting

Live ad-hoc connection with your consultants via video/audio calls or chat.

Fast and secure connection, no personal data collected. Face-to-face communication with your clients and customization widget according to brand identity by 20 parameters.

EFON provides educated outsourcing personnel for our clients dependent upon your needs.

Recruit, hire & manage consultants, track quality control of consultations. We help to reduce personnel costs while maintaining high quality sales.

Your business will have access to an admin portal where you can track your experts’ work, review statistics outlining full raw data. We have reflected this in our easy-to-use dashboards.

Using our internal expert workspace, experts can access clients' tickets and provide outstanding consulting.

Your experts will improve the customer journey process, boost conversion rates, and take calls with an ad hoc connection lasting up to two seconds. Additionally, they can use FONT to add items to customers' baskets and divert calls to a different product expert.

By using our platform, you can increase website traffic and advertise products while streaming.

Interactive product cards show up on screen while you stream, allowing viewers to add them to their product carts.

We can add QR codes to your physical storefronts so that clients can use our widget to connect with online experts by scanning the code.

Excellent advice available in-store around-the-clock. There's no need to wait—your expert is always available to offer consultation. Online experts can save you up to 40% over traditional ones.

EFON provides secure connection woman-to-woman calls and dedicated ladies consulting. Just add ladies consulting button to your website.

EFON provides best experience
for everyone


Additional marketing feature - the widget can be modified for each product card with special promotional materials (video or pictures) and this can be placed on different web pages and product cards. Data analytics system with our smart dashboards you can see all the expert and customer statistics


Opportunity to show products in real time to customers by video calls Don’t miss sales, your customers will be will be sent to the right expert who understands the product with our smart routing feature. Checkout products for your customers, put products in their brackets and increase sales


New high level of customer experience service - no need to wait for consulting and switch between devices or apps Purchase online, and with our widget, customers will enjoy a comparable shopping experience to what they would find in a offline store Well educated experts with detailed knowledge of various product characteristics

EFON for Luxury Goods / Services


Online to Offline scenario

Ordering luxury goods is always about service, very often when customers want to order smth online, they ask if the product good enough in real life 

With EFON you don’t need to worry about returns.  Your customers call via video an expert in your showroom that is located in a real shop or stock and see how the product looks in real time. Experts also help to choose and advise. 

We set up a showroom for your business

We educate your salespersons how to make video calls with high quality results

EFON provides soft for video calls and streaming

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For Horeca

For Cosmetics

For Household appliances

For Fashion

For Auto

For Banking


For Electronics

For Medicine

For Sports gear




Starting from

199 USD / user
  • Widget

  • Administrative portal

  • Experts workspace

  • All scenarios



Starting from

699 USD / user
  • Widget

  • Sales forces

  • 1 expert shared with other company (50% of the time work adjustment)
  • Administrative portal

  • Experts workspace

  • All scenarios



Starting from

1699 USD / user
  • Widget

  • Expert full capacity

  • Administrative portal

  • Experts workspace

  • All scenarios



35 %

sales up

Our clients after setting up EFON widget increase their sales by up to 35%

50.000 +

sold products

You can promote your products with our special online streaming platform that you may use for any of online events.

150 +


We hire and educate professional sales managers for every product card

100 %


Ad-hoc connection between your customers and experts without collecting personal data

2 seconds

connection time

Our connection between customers and experts takes less than 2 seconds


sales up

You can easily integrate EFON as an additional feature to any CRM system you may currently use via API integration

How to get started

Choose your rate

Our manager will get in touch with you, offer a demonstration and provide access to a personal account area

Easy to install

Faollow the simple instructions and advice from our manager to install the widget on your website

Quick set-up

Just a few more simple instructions to follow, and the widget is tailored to your business

Connect your expert

All you need to do is choose your expert or use ours and get going

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