Live video & audio consultation service for your website and business
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EFON is a widget that you place on your website that provides customers with live video or audio consultations
Install the widget on your website and set up a workspace with a camera and headset for your IT expert.
Users click on the widget icon and are instantly connected to your expert via a video or audio link.
Your employee can see which page of the website the communication is coming from, provide advice on the questions raised and, if required, send a link in a special chat box.
Following the links is a seamless process, since the widget window always remains active. Your expert guides the user through to a final action, for example paying for a product, and can also recommend related products to increase the average check.
Customer journey with EFON
Ways to use the service
Website technical tool Turnkey video consultation service
Icon placed on your website. When clicked, the user is immediately connected to an expert via video link
Administrative portal
An internal EFON service for setting up and customizing your widget, and monitoring widget statistics
Expert workspace
A separate personal account area for experts. If there are several experts, a separate virtual workspace is created for each one
How to get started
Choose your rate our manager will get in touch with you, offer a demonstration and provide access to a personal account area
Easy to install follow the simple instructions and advice from our manager to install the widget on your website
Quick set-up just a few more simple instructions to follow, and the widget is tailored to your business
Connect your expert all you need to do is choose your expert or use ours and get going
Widget capabilities
Three display formats mini icon, mid-size, full-screen widget
In your own corporate style customize the size, animation, color, and display modes with more than 25 parameters
Your advertising content in the form of an ad or banner integrated as part of the widget, with the ability to tailor individual displays for each product group/service or category
Chat function and “seamless” provision of links from the chat with the consultant, without interrupting the conversation
Transparent mode makes it easier to see the main content of the website, retaining its functionality
Add live human communication
Video and audio consultations increase sales performance by up to 10 time
Face to face a new format for trusted communication with customers
Stand out from your competitors and transform your business for the future
When expectations are met more time is spent browsing and user satisfaction improves
Tariffs / rates
Subscription plan
Subscription plan
Experts type
Your own experts
1 expert shared with other company (50% of the time work adjustment)
Personal expert for each product / company
Monthly payment
All plans have access to:
  • Admin portal
  • Basic statistics and metrics with dashboards
  • Widget customization
What is EFON?
EFON is a tool to help increase online sales by growing website conversions and offering personalized customer service.
It comprises a widget for offering video consultations to website visitors and an administrative portal for managing the widget settings and viewing statistics.
How does it work?
The widget is quick and simple to install on your website. On your website, an icon will appear which enables visitors to access audio and video consultations with an expert.
The connection is instant, with no waiting around and no personal data collected from customers.
Is it suitable for all businesses?
EFON is effective for any type of business where it is important that customers receive speedy and quality advice to help them make decisions about purchasing goods and services. In our experience, the service is perfect for providing advice about complex products.
On what devices does it work?
The service works on almost every popular desktop or mobile device. If necessary, an Enterprise rate is available, offering the option for API integration with customization to suit any customer task.
How does the installation process work?
We create an individual connection code for your website – two lines of html code which you add to your site’s header. You can further customize the widget’s interface and how it is displayed either independently during integration (a description is available in the documentation on integration) or with our help, via the administrative portal.
What statistics are available?
EFON records and stores all actions carried out in the widget by either the consultant or the customer. The data received is aggregated in the form of tables and graphics with the results of using the widget in the Statistics section of the administrative portal.
You can also view records of your experts’ consultations in the same section. Full details of the statistics available and step-by-step instructions on how to use them can be found in the Knowledge Base on the administrative portal.
Clients who offer consultations using EFON
Estée Lauder